Membership & Costs

Minimum Age 18yrs
(12yrs if Parent /Guardian is also an active diving member)

Membership – New Divers

Following your Try Dive, a FREE introductory lecture is offered, covering basic information relating to Diving, BSAC and CADSAC. Should you wish to continue there is an entry fee of £150 plus a monthly charge of £ 16 per month. Course materials are charged at cost, approx. £65.

Qualified Divers New to CADSAC (BSAC, P.A.D.I, any agency) –
A discounted entry fee of £60 plus a monthly charge of £16 per month.

Membership fees to CADSAC contributes to the financing of the running of the Club; the upkeep of the Club Boat, Compressor and Diving Kit; the use of Corby Pool for 1 hour per week (exclusive to CADSAC Members), Membership to BSAC which includes subscription to Dive Magazine each month, access to diving support information, skill development courses etc. and more.
(For information on BSAC Membership and benefits – visit the BSAC Website).
Training up to BSAC Advanced available including Cross Over training from other agencies.

Membership to Stewarts & Lloyds Sports Club; a joint Club of which CADSAC is part that operates the running of the Pavilion and Bar where CADSAC meets every Monday evening from 7.30pm onwards.

Summary of Membership Charges

New Divers
Advertised Public Try Dive
**Specially Arranged Try Dive**
Sessions 1 (Introductory Lecture)
Session 2 (Lecture plus practical pool session)
£150 joining fee
Session 3
Course Materials at cost (approx.£65)
Session 4
£16 per month by standing Order (CADSAC, S&L Sports Club, Ongoing BSAC)

Ongoing Training for Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader is included in the Membership Fee.

Qualified Divers

£60 Joining Fee plus Standing Order £16 Month – includes CADSAC, BSAC, S&L SC Fees.
Additional Training for Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader is included in the Monthly Fee.
Course materials at cost.

Divers from all agencies, including P.A.D.I are particularly welcome. Cross over training is provided as required..

Re-joining Members (qualified to Sports Diver or above)
£60 re-joining fee plus £16 per Month by Standing Order

Discounts apply for co-habiting members such as family, partners etc.

Air Charges

15l £3.00
10-12l £2.50
Twin 7-14l £4.50
Pony £2.00
Unlimited fills for £35 (Single)/ £45 (Twin) per Annum