Learn to Scuba Dive with Cadsac

Try Dives

http://gurucomputers.ca/tsin3/hamilton-county-tornado-warning.html If you would like to give it go, this is the place to start. A Try Dive can be arranged to give you the opportunity to experience the feeling of Diving in the shelter and comfort of a swimming pool. A FREE Try Dive evening is run usually twice a year just before a Club Diver course starts. Alternatively a Try Dive can be organised specially for you on any Monday evening at a cost of £5.

Kolín Entry Requirements: Ability to Swim

When Is the next Free Try Dive

Ocean Diver

A diver who is competent in the use of diving equipment and has gained open water diving experience. At this grade you can enjoy real diving – as long as you are accompanied by a Dive Leader or more qualified diver.

Entry Requirements: No previous experience required, Ability to swim, BSAC membership, Diving medical

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Sports Diver

A Sports Diver is a fully qualified diver considered to be competent to dive with someone of a similar grade or above.

Entry Requirements: BSAC Ocean Diver, BSAC Membership, Diving Medical

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Dive Leader

A Dive Leader is a fully qualified diver who has undertaken additional training and gained a wide range of experience and is considered to be competent in leading dives.

Entry Requirements: BSAC Sports Diver, BSAC Membership, Diving Medical

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Advanced Diver

An Advanced Diver is a highly experienced Diver who has completed a wide range of Skill Development Courses as well as building a wide range of practical experience. An Advanced Diver is considered to be competent in organising and leading branch diving and activities.

Entry Requirements: BSAC Dive Leader, BSAC Membership, Diving Medical

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Skill Development Courses

Practical Rescue Management
Oxygen Administration
Dive Planning and Marshalling
Search and Recovery Techniques
Advanced Diving Techniques
Boat Handling Chartwork and Position Fixing
Entry Requirements: Varies according to course

Crossover Courses

We can also offer crossover courses from other dive training organisations such as PADI or NAUI. For example: If you took a PADI Open Water course on holiday and wished to continue diving in the UK, you can crossover to Club Diver and proceed on to Sports Diver.

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