Free Try Dives With CADSAC

Always wanted to try scuba diving? With CADSAC it
couldn’t be easier!

Houma Our next FREE Public Try Dive will be:
easy Get in touch to arrange your try dive at Corby Swimming Pool @ 8.30

What do I need to do/ bring with me?

On the advertised date, simply arrive at the pool. In the viewing area you will be welcomed by one of our experienced Instructors who will explain what to expect during your Try Dive.
You will require a Swimming Costume/Trunks and T Shirt. Anyone is welcome who is 16 years old and above.

Should you wish, you will be welcome to join us afterwards at the Stewarts & Lloyds Cricket Pavilion (Cannock Road) for a drink, where you will have the opportunity to find out more about SCUBA Diving and our Club.

Are there any restrictions?

The only requirements are that you have no known significant medical problems (especially heart conditions, serious ear or sinus problems, lung damage, asthma, fits or epilepsy). If you have any questions about medical restrictions, contact our Diving Officer.