Will this change the art of scuba diving?

Written by Jamie Grove on

buy modafinil china I was recently reading an article about a new invention for scuba divers called the “Immersed Senses” invented/designed by Adam Wendel,  skim reading through the article I was thinking technology had finally surpassed itself and the future of scuba diving was beginning to change, a device that will make hearing, seeing, and breathing underwater much easier and more comfortable from now on.

easily The features on this new invention are underwater GPS maps that is provided by the OLED displays. The OLED also gives information on what type of fishes, coral or any living species that is underwater. Not only that, the OLED can help the diver figure out oxygen levels and body temperature in the water.  Nearly made up of entirely glass and LED lights, the most interesting tidbits is the unique electrolysis reactor that extracts oxygen right from sea water. Water leaks are prevented by silicone that bonds the helmet to the skin. Allowing scuba divers to stay underwater for 8 hours.

On paper (well on screen) it all looked great but then it got me thinking of power, if this invention has all of these electronic displays and computers within what will power it, what will hapen if the computers batteries or power suplly fail.  With the silicone seal would there only a certain number of times that it could be used before it needs to be replaced because a small leak, which most divers have experienced in one way or another could be quite hazardous as cannot see an easy way to clear your helmet especially as if there was a small leak the glass helmet would fog up.  If you were at a great depth and the mask cracked and allowed water in, how to access an alternate air supply.

I think that at the moment we will need to remember/photograph the fish/ marine life and research them when you get up to the surface, but who knows in the near future this or something greater may appear at the next dive show.

Photos of Immersed Senses by Adam Wendel