Weight belt or harness?

Written by Mungo on

I have been diving for over 25 years and have recently become converted to a ‘harness’ weight belt system.

The main reason is that my shape has changed! I started to spend many ascents with my legs spread apart to prevent total loss of my weight belt. This was both uncomfortable and dangerous.

I also became aware that there seemed to be a number of incidents where loss of weight belt was a factor in rapid ascents resulting in hyperbaric chamber treatment.

I came to the conclusion that more incidents were caused by loss of weight belts than not being able to release them quickly I would recommend a harness system that does have a release mechanism.

I have also found that a harness is more comfortable, pre, during and after the dive. Back aches are a thing of the past. Remember also that you have buoyancy in the BCD and redundant buoyancy in the Dry Suit should jettison of weights be difficult.

Many tech. Divers have weights ‘built ‘ into the twin set so dumping weight for them is not possible at all.

In the end it is a personal choice, whatever you decide, make sure you are practised in any special procedures required.

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