Learn to SCUBA Dive In 2012

Written by Jamie Grove on

ivermectin (Ivermectin) where to buy Make 2012 different by trying a new activity that can also help you succeed at your resolutions for better health, more excitement and increased serenity.  Learning to scuba dive is the perfect activity that will let you keep your resolutions, while doing something fun that is good for your health! Scuba divers are taught to always breathe slowly and deeply during a dive. This is so that the air in your tank will last longer and means more time can be spent underwater but more importantly, deep steady breathing promotes a calm attitude and reduces the risk of a lung-expansion injury. However, this deep slow breathing has other benefits too; it increases lung capacity, strengthens the respiratory system and drains mucous. This in turn helps with the prevention of lung diseases and can actually improve existing ones such as asthma.

The calm, relaxed state produced through deep, slow breathing and through focusing on your underwater environment, reduces stress and balances the nervous system. A relaxed, calm state of mind has been proven to promote a positive attitude and prevent depression.

Deep breathing also means increased oxygen intake and this has numerous benefits too. Increased oxygen levels in the body raises energy levels, stimulates circulation, benefits heart and lung function and improves mental capacities. When there is sufficient oxygen in the body the need for intoxicants and stimulants diminishes.

There is nothing better than the joy of finding yourself on the way to a dive site, full of anticipation for what you’re about to experience under the water, with smiling faces all around you!

Scuba diving can be exhilarating, awe-inspiring, relaxing, calming, rejuvenating, fun and above all good for you! Your time spent underwater can be so fascinating that you become absorbed by the world around you, you relax and your worries just melt away. Diving, done right, really can be good for you!